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European Parliament votes to end unfair practices in food supply chain – Carthy

The European Parliament today overwhelmingly voted through a resolution urging the European Commission to bring forward proposals to end unfair practices in the food supply chain. MEPs want to see fair and transparent relations among food suppliers, distributors and producers. It’s hoped that practices such as delayed payments, unilateral changes to contracts and restrictions to […]

Interview with Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes on Trump

The Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes talks to Owen Stafford about Enda Kenny’s criticism of Donald Trump’s comments on immigration, which the Taoiseach described as racist and dangerous.  Relates to 2 stories previously files on this. Out words: support him for it Dur: 3.05

Trump needs a taste of his own medicine – Hayes

The Taoiseach should not be diplomatic with the words he uses to describe controversial comments made by US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. That’s the advice from the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. Mr Hayes was reacting to suggestions from the Chairman of Republicans Abroad Ireland, Tom Plank, who said the Taoiseach needed to better phrase […]

Interview with Brian Hayes on CAB-like agencies across EU

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes talks to Owen Stafford about the need for other EU countries to use Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) as a model in pursuing criminal assets. Relates to 2 stories previously filed on this Our words: these criminals  Dur: 4.14

MEP urges Kenny not to meet Trump during his Irish visit – Hayes

The Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes is urging the Taoiseach Enda Kenny not to meet the US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump during his upcoming visit to Ireland. The presumptive Republican nominee is due to visit his golf resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare later this month. Last week in the Dail, Mr Kenny described Mr Trump’s […]

Criminal activities in Ireland directed from the Costa del Sol – Hayes

Decisions on who lives and dies in the Irish criminal underworld are being taken in places like the Costa del Sol. That’s according to the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. He’s claiming that Irish gangs are exploiting the EU’s freedom of movement to direct their criminal activities in Ireland from oversees. The Dublin MEP says […]

EU-wide version of CAB needed to tackle international crime – Hayes

An EU version of the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau is needed to take down criminal kingpins. That’s according to the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes, who criticised the EU for being too relaxed in tackling international crime. He was speaking in the European Parliament where MEPs will this week debate the need for better EU-wide […]