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Greece needs to honour its debt responsibilities – Kelly

The critical talks between Eurozone finance ministers ended last night in Brussels without any agreement brokered on Greece. The meetings ended without any joint statement ahead of further talks on Monday. The Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says it’s unrealistic for Greece to expect debt write-downs and that the country needs to honour its responsibilities.   […]


Ireland should show better solidarity towards Greece – Carthy

The Greek finance minister and his Eurozone counterparts have failed to reach an agreement following last night’s talks in Brussels. The meetings ended without any joint statement ahead of further talks on Monday. Meanwhile, the Sinn Fein MEP Matt Carthy has heavily criticised the Irish government’s approach towards Greece. Mr Carthy says that it is […]


Greek crisis about the future of EU – Luke Ming Flanagan

The new Greek government is braced for tense talks with Eurozone finance ministers during their meeting later today in Brussels. The Greek finance minister will try to secure a better debt deal for Greece. Supporters of Greece’s governing party, Syriza say the EU has to provide more lenient terms for the austerity-hit country. The Independent […]


Irish government like a reticent dancer on dance floor – Luke Ming Flanagan

The Irish government should look to its Greek counterpart for some lessons in hard negotiation skills. That’s the recommendation of the Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan who was speaking ahead of today’s meeting of Eurozone finance ministers in Brussels. Mr Flanagan said that Greece’s new governing party – Syriza is trying hard to secure more […]


Syriza ‘traditional socialists’ – Ming Flanagan

The Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan says the Greek government is prepared to compromise on some of its debt demands during the upcoming negotiations with Eurozone finance ministers and EU leaders. Mr Flanagan was speaking at the European Parliament where members of the radical left Group GUE/NGL held a press conference today outlining its position […]


Syriza ‘ prepared to compromise’ –Ming Flanagan European Parliament

The European Parliament’s radical left group is calling on EU institutions and EU countries to negotiate in good faith with the newly-elected Greek government. The Greek Government party Syriza is a member of the Group, which is known as GUE/NGL. Sinn Fein and the Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan are also members. The Group – […]