Cork company could help eliminate deadly ash tree disease – Kelly

A Cork company could help to eliminate the
deadly ash dieback disease that is killing ash trees. That’s the view of the
Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly. He says the Cork based Treemetrics company has the
technology and knowhow to help tackle the disease through their satellite and
online technologies.  Ash dieback is a
potentially fatal disease of ash trees that is caused by a fungus that has
spread rapidly across Europe. Mr Kelly says the production of hurleys could be
affected if ash trees in Ireland are impacted by the disease. And he’s
encouraging the GAA to help Treemetrics to access areas where ash trees are

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Childers demands abortion rights in Ireland – European Parliament

The Independent MEP Nessa Childers today
called for abortion rights to be introduced in Ireland. The Dublin MEP says that
it is no longer acceptable that women in Ireland have to go to the UK to
terminate a pregnancy. She said such a situation is an ‘appalling evasion of
responsibility’.  Speaking at the
European Parliament Ms Childers said the eighth amendment should be repealed
and that women in Ireland should have the right to terminate a pregnancy in Ireland.

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Childers calls for abortion in Ireland

The Independent MEP Nessa Childers says
abortion should be available to women in Ireland. The Dublin MEP says that
Ireland can no longer ‘export’ its abortion issues to other countries like the
UK. Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg today, Ms Childers
described the situation of women in Ireland having to go to the UK to have an
abortion as ‘an appalling evasion of responsibility’.

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