A Brexit would be ‘disaster for Ireland’ – Kelly

A British exit from the EU would lead to
job losses and trade decline in Ireland. That’s according to the Fine Gael MEP
Sean Kelly who was speaking in the European Parliament this week. The British
Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined the reforms he wants the EU to
introduce in order to entice the British people to stay within the Union. Mr Kelly
says he thinks it’s possible for the EU to introduce those reforms.

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Carers must not be penalised on pensions – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin is
calling for a system that ensures carers get a decent pension when they retire.
The Midlands North-West MEP says the gender pension gap is a shocking forty
percent in Ireland. And she says many women who provide care for others who
need help, end up in poverty. Ms Harkin was speaking in the European Parliament
where the issue of gender pension gaps was raised during the week.

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