Ireland seen as “first mover” in tax reform by other MEPs – Hayes

Recent announcements of changes  to the Irish corporate tax system by finance minister Micheal Noonan has led to Ireland being seen as a “first mover” in tax reform by other MEPs. That’s according to the Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes. He was speaking in the European Parliament prior to a debate on allegations that Luxembourg facilitated tax avoidance schemes for big multinational companies.  However Mr Hayes says that rather than probing the tax affairs of smaller EU members, larger countries such as Germany and the UK should question their own tax schemes. 

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Hayes says Luxembourg tax avoidance is not an issue for European Parliament.

Fine Gael MEP for Dublin Brian Hayes says the issue of tax avoidance in Luxembourg is a matter for that country and not for the European Parliament. He was speaking as EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker was due to appear today [Wednesday 12th] in front of MEPs at the Parliament in Brussels. It is alleged Luxembourg facilitated secret deals for Multi National Companies to avoid paying taxes, whilst Mr Juncker was its Prime minister.  MEPs were successful in getting the issue added to the Parliament plenary’s agenda but Mr Hayes says that they are playing party politics

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