European Parliament debates Brexit deal

The European Parliament is this morning
debating the draft EU deal on the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s EU
reform demands. The draft deal was published yesterday by the European Council
President Donald Tusk. It
proposes a number of reform
measures including an “emergency brake” that would allow countries to limit
in-work benefits to migrants from other EU countries for up to four years.
Mr Cameron will now have to persuade the leaders of the other
twenty seven EU countries to sign up to the deal at a crucial EU summit later
this month. The Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune says it will be challenging to get
full support for the package. 

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‘Long way to go’ to get EU deal on Cameron’s reforms demands – Harkin

The British Prime Minister says a draft deal aimed at keeping Britain in
the EU will deliver the substantial changes he’s been demanding. David Cameron
was responding to the draft EU deal that was published earlier
today by the European Council President Donald Tusk.  The draft deal includes an emergency brake on in-work
benefits for migrants and
new ways for member states to
club together to block some new EU laws. However, the Independent MEP Marian Harkin says Mr Cameron will face
challenges when he tries to get agreement from the rest of the EU leaders at a
crucial EU Summit later this month.

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