100% effective solution to migrant crisis ‘a dangerous illusion’ – Tusk

The President of the European Council told the
European Parliament this morning that it will be very difficult to get an ‘ideal’
solution to the migrant crisis. Donald Tusk gave MEPs details of the recent EU-Turkey
deal that says
all “irregular migrants” arriving in
Greece from Turkey face being sent back to Turkey to be examined individually.
For every Syrian refugee returned another Syrian refugee will in theory be
resettled from Turkey to the EU. However, Mr Tusk
MEPs Europe faces ‘a never ending story’ on the migrant crisis. 

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Popular weed killer’s licence should be renewed– McGuinness

The European Parliament is voting today on
whether or not to renew the authorisation of a widely used weed killer. The
Parliament’s Environment Committee is urging MEPs not to renew the licence for
another 15 years for glyphosate, which is used in weed killers such as Roundup.
They’re claiming serious concerns remain about the carcinogenicity and hormone
disruptive properties of glyphosate. However the Fine Gael MEP Mairead
McGuinness says she’ll vote to review its licence.

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