Hauliers caught with stowaways unfairly punished – Clune

The Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune has denounced heavy fines imposed on hauliers who are caught inadvertently smuggling migrants into the UK. She was speaking in the European Parliament where MEPs this week criticised the conditions in the so-called “jungle”migrant camp near the French port of Calais. Many migrants in the area attempt to board trucks bound for the UK. Ms Clune, who sits on the Parliament’s transport committee, says in many cases drivers should not be blamed if migrants are found in their vehicles. She believes that UK anti-smuggling laws that punish innocent drivers and their companies should be overhauled.

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Clune calls for protection of Irish hauliers battling Calais

The Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune is calling for the UK and French governments to protect Irish hauliers who travel to mainland Europe through Calais. She was speaking from the European Parliament where MEPs this week discussed the impact that nearby migrant camps are having on the safety and security of hauliers passing through the French port. Over 7,000 migrants are in these camps attempting to reach the UK. Many have tried to smuggle themselves in trucks as stowaways. Ms Clune says that the on-going situationin Calais is harming the Irish haulage industry.  

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