Brexit ‘shocking’ and potentially ‘catastrophic’ – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin says the British Prime Minister’s hardline stance on Brexit is ‘shocking’ for Ireland. The Midlands North-West MEP was reacting to Theresa May’s comments on Brexit last weekend when she addressed delegates at her party’s conference. The new UK PM said that Britain wasn’t leaving the EU today only to give up control of immigration again and to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Marian Harkin is calling for the government to plan properly and extensively for Britain’s exit from the EU in a couple of year’s time.

Out words: for ourselves

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Government needs to plan extensively for Brexit – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin is calling for the Government needs to plan properly and extensively for a British exit from the EU within the next couple of years. Ms Harkin is proposing that Ireland secures an agreement that would enable it to trade with Britain for an interim period before any tariffs would be imposed. And she says it’s imperative the government negotiates a proper deal on a range of issues from border controls to securing alternative markets for Irish industries currently exporting to the UK.  

Out words: diversify anyway

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Halawa giving up hope of resolution – Boylan

The Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan says she’s very concerned about the mental condition of Ibrahim Halawa, the young Irishman imprisoned in Egypt since August 2013. The 20 year old saw his trial postponedfor the 15th (fifteenth) time on October 2. His case has been adjourned until November 12. He was arrested in Cairo in 2013 after Egyptian authorities claimed he took part in violent protests in a mosque there. The young man could face a death penalty if he is convicted. Lynn Boylan says Mr Halawa is now refusing to see visitors and that his hopes of a resolution to his on-going incarceration are fading.

Out words: 12th November

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