European Parliament tackles challenge of affordable medicines

The challenge of ensuring patient access to
affordable medicines has been tackled by the European Parliament. MEPs this
week debated how best to ensure expensive medicines can be given to people who
need them but who may not be able to afford them. The Independent MEP Marian
Harkin says the EU needs to look at ways to fund the development of costly
medicines especially those that are unlikely to be developed by the pharmaceutical

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Skilful Negotiations key to Greek resolution – Hayes

Skilful negotiating skills will be required
to reach an acceptable agreement that will work for Greece and the rest of the
EU countries. That’s the advice from the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. Mr Hayes
was speaking ahead of Monday’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers when
another attempt will be made to reach an agreement on Greece. Last night in
Brussels, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he was very confident a
solution could be found to what he called Europe’s humanitarian crisis. Here’s
Brian Hayes.

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Syriza MEP says not surprised at Irish government’s unsympathetic views to Greek situation

A member the European Parliament from the
Greek Syriza party says he’s not surprised at the unsympathetic stance the
Irish government is taking towards Greece’s demands for an end to austerity.
Konstantinos Chrysogonos is a professor of Constitutional law
and Human Rights at Thessaloniki University and a newly elected MEP. He says
the Government’s views reflect those of other centre-right parties in Europe
such as Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats party.

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