European Parliament calls for country of origin labelling for meat in processed foods

The European Parliament is calling for
better labelling of meat used in processed foods. MEPs today voted for country
of origin labelling of meat included in the likes of lasagnes and other
ready-made meals containing meat. Such labelling has been required for fresh
beef and beef products since 2002 as a result of the BSE crisis. The Sinn Fein
MEP Lynn Boylan, who is on the European Parliament’s Food Safety Committee, says
consumers have a right to know where the meat in processed foods comes from.

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Greek crisis about the future of EU – Luke Ming Flanagan

The new Greek government is braced for
tense talks with Eurozone finance ministers during their meeting later today in
Brussels. The Greek finance minister will try to secure a better debt deal for
Greece. Supporters of Greece’s governing party, Syriza say the EU has to
provide more lenient terms for the austerity-hit country. The Independent MEP
Luke Ming Flanagan, who is in the same European Parliament group as
Syriza,  says the Greek crisis is an EU
wide problem.

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Irish government like a reticent dancer on dance floor – Luke Ming Flanagan

The Irish government should look to its
Greek counterpart for some lessons in hard negotiation skills. That’s the
recommendation of the Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan who was speaking ahead
of today’s meeting of Eurozone finance ministers in Brussels. Mr Flanagan said
that Greece’s new governing party – Syriza is trying hard to secure more debt
leniency for the Greeks. And, he says, the Irish government should have taken a
similar stance and fought much harder for a better deal on its bank debts.

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