End in sight for roaming fees and unequal internet access – Kelly

A complete ban
on roaming charges for using mobile phones abroad in the EU will take effect
from June 2017. And clear rules on the right to internet access will also become
law following the European Parliament’s final approval today of the new telecoms package.
The Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says it’s taken a long time to get the
telecoms operators to reduce roaming charges and that they’ve been dragging
their heels on this for some time.

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European Parliament votes to end roaming charges by June ’17 – Kelly

There’s good news today for mobile phone
users. The European Parliament has just cast its final vote in favour of the
new telecoms package which should end mobile roaming charges from June 2017.
Roaming fees for calling or sending text messages and using mobile
internet abroad in the EU will be banned from 15 June 2017.
In addition new rules on internet access will also become law at the
same time. The Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says it’s high time roaming charges
ended within the EU.

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MEPs recommend tightening noose on corporate tax evaders – Hayes

A European Parliament committee is
demanding a fairer and more transparent corporate tax system across the EU. The
Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings has just issued a report that
makes a number of recommendations on corporate taxes. They include making every
EU country report on the profits multinationals are making along with the taxes
they are paying and any subsidies they receive. The aim is to ensure
multinational companies pay their taxes where they make their profits. The Fine
Gael MEP Brian Hayes says some of the Committee’s recommendations are too

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