MEPs debate Free Inter-rail passes for 18 year olds – Hayes

Every 18 year old should be given a free return inter-rail pass so that they can travel around Europe and enjoy being European.That’s an idea being promoted by the European Parliament. Last night MEPs debated how they could bring this initiative about. They believe giving free inter-rail tickets to 18 year olds as a birthday present will help to counter all the bad news coming from the EU at the moment. The Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes supports the move.

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Boylan accuses government of neglecting Halawa

The Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan is accusing the Irish government of not taking a stronger stance to secure the release of Ibrahim Halawa. The young Irishman has been imprisoned in Egypt since 2013. Anapplication for his release was submitted by his lawyers under the Egyptian presidential decree, law 140. This allows foreign defendants to be sent back to their country of origin before sentencing. However Ms Boylan says more forceful engagement is needed behind the scenes between the Irish government and their Egyptian counterparts.

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Brexit ‘shocking’ and potentially ‘catastrophic’ – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin says the British Prime Minister’s hardline stance on Brexit is ‘shocking’ for Ireland. The Midlands North-West MEP was reacting to Theresa May’s comments on Brexit last weekend when she addressed delegates at her party’s conference. The new UK PM said that Britain wasn’t leaving the EU today only to give up control of immigration again and to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Marian Harkin is calling for the government to plan properly and extensively for Britain’s exit from the EU in a couple of year’s time.

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