Community involvement in refugee crisis essential – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin says
she’s received plenty of correspondence from people in her constituency offering
rooms and accommodation for refugees fleeing the likes of Syria and Libya. Ms
Harkin was speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. During an address
to the Parliament today, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude
Juncker pleaded for Europe to open its arms and re-settle some one hundred and
sixty thousand refugees. Here’s Marian Harkin.

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Ireland should heed Pope’s solution for refugees – Harkin

The President of the European Commission
has said that Europe needs to re-settle around one hundred and sixty thousand
refugees who’ve fled to the likes of Italy, Greece and Hungary. Jean-Claude Juncker
called for European solidarity in helping the refugees during his State of the
Union address to the European Parliament today. The Independent MEP Marian
Harkin says Ireland’s response should be a nation-wide one.

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EU needs to stop interfering in domestic water issues – Boylan

The EU Commission must stop dictating to EU
countries what they should do with water services for their citizens.
That’s the warning from the Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan. Ms Boylan led a vote
through the European Parliament this week that saw the majority of MEPs demand the
EU follow up on a European Citizens’ Initiative called the Right2Water. The
initiative saw almost two million people sign a petition demanding the EU
introduce laws that would make access to water and sanitation a basic human
right. Lynn Boylan says the vote sends a clear message to the EU Commission not
to interfere in national water issues. 

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