EU needs to tackle below cost selling & ‘hello’ money to aid farmers – Kelly

The EU needs to tackle below cost selling tactics
and so called ‘hello’ money to properly help farmers deal with market and price
volatility. That’s the call being made by the Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly. Mr
Kelly welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the EU Commission of a €500m (five
hundred million) rescue package for dairy farmers and pigmeat producers. But he
says the EU needs to do more to ensure farmers get paid fair amounts for their

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Kelly welcomes EU’s €500 million support package for farmers

The EU’s five hundred million (€500m)
support package for European farmers should improve cash flow for farmers. So
says the Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly. The EU Commission yesterday announced details
of the support package that’s to help farmers struggling with market volatility
and political uncertainty. Falling prices have affected farmers in many EU
countries including Ireland.
The new package will allow for €500 million of
EU funds to be used for the benefit of farmers immediately.
Mr Kelly explains how
the package could assist farmers with the prompt issuing of direct payments. 

FG MEP Mairead McGuinness on refugee crisis

EuroParlRadio’s Editor, Karen Coleman talks to the Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness about the refugee
crisis in Europe and Jean-Claude Juncker’s address tomorrow to the European Parliament on
proposals to relocate additional refugees across EU countries.

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