Taoiseach obliged to warn about Brexit impact – Kelly

The Taoiseach has every right to
warn about the negative impacts of the UK leaving the EU. So says the Fine Gael
MEP Sean Kelly who was responding to assertions by Pro-Brexit campaigners that the
Irish government was scaremongering and interfering in British domestic
affairs. Mr Kelly said Enda Kenny is obliged to present his views to Irish people living in Britain, given the possible consequences of a Brexit
for both countries.

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Interview with Deirdre Clune on new EU rules to ease people’s moves abroad.

Deirdre Clune speaks to Owen Stafford about new
EU rules to ease cross-border acceptance of public documents, such as birth, marriage
and civil partnership certs. The idea is to make it easier for people to move abroad within the EU. Related to 2 stories previously filed on this.

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Moving abroad in the EU should get easier say MEPs

If you are thinking of living in another EU
country then your life may get easier following a vote in the European
Parliament this week. MEPs voted for an EU-wide common public documents system to
help verify the paperwork for the likes of nationality, marriage and birth
certs. According to the European Parliament
than 14 million EU citizens live in a member state other than their home country.
They frequently have to deal with tedious procedures if they want to marry, declare
the birth of a child or prove a clean criminal record.
the new rules

multilingual forms will be attached to the original documents to avoid the need
for translation.
The Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune is on
the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

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