Harkin warns against lenient Brexit trade deal

A lenient trade deal that would give
Britain access to the EU single market while allowing them some concessions
could have grave implications for the Republic of Ireland. That’s the warning
from the Independent MEP Marian Harkin. She says some people in Ireland have
been calling for a so-called soft landing deal. But the Midlands North-West MEP
says such a deal could give Northern Ireland a trading advantage over the

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‘Soft landing’ Brexit deal ‘double-edged sword’ – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin is
warning against any so-called soft landing deal with the British during Brexit
negotiations. The Midlands North-West MEP says there have
calls for a light deal for Northern Ireland. She says any kind of light regime
for Northern Ireland, while they maintain access to the single market, would
significantly disadvantage business and agriculture in the Republic.

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Brexit MEPs legally entitled to attend European Parliament – Kelly

British MEPs who campaigned for a Brexit
vote are entitled to remain on as MEPs even though they want Britain to leave
the EU. That’s according to the Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly. He says they have
every right to complete their terms in office even though they could end up
voting on EU laws that could come into being after Britain leaves the EU.

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