No clarity on Brexit Article 50 timeline – Kelly

The impact of the recent
Brexit vote was debated at length this morning in the European Parliament. The
President of the European Commission condemned Britain’s leading leave
campaigners Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for their lack of patriotism in
quitting ahead of Britain’s withdrawal negotiations from the EU. Jean-Claude
Juncker told MEPs patriots don’t abandon ship when the going gets tough. The
Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says it’s still very unclear when the British are going to invoke
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which will trigger the withdrawal process

Out words: might happen

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Negotiating Brexit impact on Irish fishing ‘very complex’ – Ni Riada

Managing the impact of a future Brexit on
the Irish fishing industry will be a very complicated process. That’s according
to the Sinn Fein MEP Liadh Ni Riada who sits on the European Parliament’s
Fisheries Committee. She was speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg
where Brexit has dominated today’s debates there.

Out words: withdrawal happens  

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Ni Riada rubbishes French demands to end English official language status

Recent demands by some French politicians
to end English as an official EU language have been rubbished by the Sinn Fein
MEP Liadh Ni Riada. The demands were made following the Brexit vote and they
were reiterated by a Polish MEP who heads the European Parliament’s
Constitutional Affairs Committee. Danuta Hubner had warned that English will
not be one of the European Union’s official languages after Britain leaves the
EU. However, the Sinn Fein MEP Liadh Ni Riada says such statements are

Out words: it’s nonsense

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