Europe needs free trade deal with US – Hayes

A planned debate and vote this morning on
the talks between the EU and US on a free trade agreement have been postponed
until next month. The postponement followed disputes among members of the
European parliament over a controversial mechanism for resolving disputes
between foreign investors and states. A substantial number of MEPs are against
including the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism in any EU-US trade
agreement. However, the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes says Europe has nothing to
fear from its inclusion in an agreement. And he says, Europe needs this agreement. 

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Scuppering a TTIP deal would be ‘suicidal’ for Ireland – Hayes

Ireland has nothing to fear from a
potential EU free trade agreement with the US. That’s the view of the Fine Gael
MEP Brian Hayes. Mr Hayes was speaking in the European Parliament which
cancelled a debate and a vote due this morning on the EU’s negotiating position
on TTIP. It’s the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal that the
EU and the US are currently negotiating. There’s disquiet in Europe over certain
aspects of the talks. All of the Irish Sinn Fein MEPs are against any TTIP
agreement. Here’s Brian Hayes.

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