Greek PM’s address to European Parliament disappointing – Clune

The Greek Prime Minister missed a golden
opportunity to outline the reform proposals he’s promising to implement in
Greece. That’s the view of the Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune who followed Alexis Tsipras’s
address to MEPs in the European Parliament this morning. Mr Tsipras was
criticised by some leading MEPs for his failure to tell them more precise
details of his plans to implement reforms of the likes of tax collection,
health care and pensions. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk
told MEPs that there are only four days left to reach an ultimate agreement on
Greece. Here’s Deirdre Clune.

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Interview with Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly on Greece

EuroParlRadio’s Editor Karen Coleman speaks to the Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly about the crisis in Greece.  The interview took place in the European Parliament on Tuesday 7th July. The piece begins with Mr Kelly’s response to a general question about the Greek crisis. 

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‘Growing weariness in Europe’ with Greek government – Kelly

The Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly this morning
lectured the Greek prime minister on how to manage the economic crisis that is
threatening to propel Greece into bankruptcy. During a speech in the Parliament
Mr Kelly told Alexis Tsipras that he should look to Ireland as an example of
how to properly handle economic turmoil. The Greek Prime Minister addressed the
European Parliament this morning. He came under fire from some leading MEPs for
not providing enough detail on the proposed reforms demanded from EU leaders.
Here’s Sean Kelly.

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