Ni Riada calls on Irish government to change fishing quota system

The Sinn Fein MEP Liadh Ni Riada says the
Irish government has the power to re-negotiate the EU fishing quota to help
struggling fishermen in Ireland.  She was
speaking in Strasbourg where she’s been meeting the EU Fisheries Commissioner, Karmenu Vella. Ms Ni Riada has accused the Minister for the Marine, Simon
Coveney of ignoring smaller fishermen in Ireland. She says the Minister should
look at re-negotiating the fishing quotas to enable the smaller fishing
communities to increase their fishing capacities.

Out words: smaller fishermen

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Ni Riada accuses Simon Coveney of ignoring smaller fishing communities

A Sinn Fein MEP is accusing the Minister
for the Marine, Simon Coveney of deserting the smaller fishing men and women in
Ireland. Liadh Ni Riada, who represents Ireland South, says the EU fishing quotas
are killing the smaller fishing industries in Ireland. She’s arguing that Minister
Coveney could do a lot more to help these struggling fishermen by renegotiating
the fishing quota system. She’s also calling for a single boat payment system to
help subsidise the livelihoods of fishermen living on the margins.

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