Childers backs reducing presidential candidate age

The daughter of the former President of
Ireland Erskine Childers, says she’s in favour of reducing the age of a presidential
candidate. Nessa Childers, who is an Independent MEP says her father was sixty
nine [69] when he became president. But the Dublin MEP argues there’s no reason why
a person as young as 21 couldn’t competently carry out his or her presidential
duties. Ms Childers says she’ll be voting yes to Friday’s referendum to reduce the
age of a presidential candidate from thirty five [35] to twenty one [21].  

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Over prescription of antibiotics causing unnecessary deaths – European Parliament

Growing resistance to antibiotics is
leading to unnecessary deaths in Europe. That’s the warning from the European
Parliament which today voted for a number of measures to improve patient
safety. The proposals include prohibiting the use of antibiotics without
prescriptions. And MEPs are calling on pharmaceutical companies to develop new
types of antibiotics. The Parliament also wants to restrict the prescription of veterinary antibiotics for animals.
The Independent MEP Marian Harkin says the over-prescription of antibiotics in
nursing homes in Ireland needs to be urgently addressed.

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