European Parliament votes to tackle resistance to antibiotics

The European Parliament voted today for a
number of measures to tackle the growing resistance to both human and
veterinary antibiotics.  There’s growing
concern that people are dying of infections because the antibiotics they’re
receiving aren’t able to fight the infections anymore. The Independent MEP
Marian Harkin says the over prescription of antibiotics is a serious issue that
needs to be urgently addressed.  

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Ireland has to do more on refugee crisis – Hayes

Ireland needs to play a much bigger role in
sharing responsibility for refugees fleeing countries in crisis. That’s the
view of the Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes who was speaking today in the European
Parliament.  The European Commission
wants all EU states to share the burden of housing thousands of refugees
fleeing to Europe from across the Mediterranean. However, Mr Hayes says he understands
the government is opposed to proposed EU plans for a quota system. And he says
Ireland’s record on looking after refugees is not good.

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