European Parliament votes for anti-tax measures – Hayes

The European Parliament has today voted in
favour of an EU Commission proposal for an anti-tax avoidance directive. The
proposal aims to close loopholes used by corporate tax avoiders. However all
four Fine Gael MEPs voted against the measures. Speaking prior to the vote the Fine
Gael MEP Brian Hayes said rushing through new measures could result in
unintended outcomes for Ireland.

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Chance meeting with Ali ‘highlight of my life’ Kelly – Sean Kelly

The Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says a chance meeting
with Mohammed Ali was a highlight of his life. The Ireland South MEP met
Mohammed Ali when he visited his Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. And it seems
the ‘World’s Greatest’ took a shine to the former GAA president.

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Farmers in Northern Ireland ‘fed up’ of EU regulations – Dodds

Farmers in Northern Ireland will face an
uncertain future if the UK remains in the EU. That’s according to the Democratic
Unionist Party MEP Diane Dodds who is in favour of a Brexit. The Northern
Ireland MEP says the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy or CAP will provide less
funding for the North’s farmers as time goes on.

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