People want things done ‘in a different way’ – Harkin

The Independent MEP Marian Harkin is urging
the political groups and independents to do everything possible to form a government.
Speaking from the European Parliament, Ms Harkin said the Irish electorate voted
for change in the workings of the political system and that politicians must
take this into account.

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Ireland should look to Denmark for political governance – Harkin

Denmark could be a role-model for Ireland
when it comes to divergence in political governance. That’s the advice from the
Independent MEP Marian Harkin. The Midlands-North West MEP who was speaking in the
European Parliament, says in Denmark smaller parties play a leading role in

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Sinn Fein won’t enter government for the “smell of political power” – Carthy

As the Dail reconvenes today, the Sinn Fein
MEP Matt Carthy is insisting his party won’t enter into government simply to
gain political power. Speaking in the European Parliament Mr Carthy rejected
suggestions that Sinn Fein were “sitting on the fence” during on-going
negotiations to form a government following the elections.

Out words: the election

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