Halawa’s deteriorating health requires immediate medical assessment – Boylan

The Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan is calling on
the Irish government to demand an immediate independent medical assessment of
the Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa.
The twenty-year old is on a phased
hunger strike in an Egyptian prison. He has been detained there since August
2013, after authorities claimed he took part in violent protests in Cairo. His
trial has been postponed 13 (thirteen) times with the next hearing re-scheduled
to June. Ms Boylan says Mr Halawa’s health is  deteriorating.  

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MEP calls on Foreign Minister to secure better prison conditions for Halawa – Boylan

The new Irish government must intervene at
the highest level to obtain the release of Ibrahim Halawa, the Irish national
detained in Egypt since 2013. So says the Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan. The Dublin
MEP’s calls come after Mr Halawa’s trial for alleged involvement in violent
protests in Cairo, was recently postponed for the 13th  (thirteenth) time. Mr Halawa’s prison
conditions, as well as the continuous postponement of his trial, have been widely
condemned both in Ireland and internationally. Ms Boylan is calling on the outgoing
Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan to secure better prison conditions for Mr
Halawa whilst he awaits trial.

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